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Dress Code

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Valley View students are expected to maintain an appearance that is not detrimental to the educational process of the school or distracting to educational stakeholders.  Below you will find a few guidelines that will help you determine if your student is dressed appropriately for school.


  • Do wear shirts long enough to cover the midriff.

  • Do  wear pants that aren't excessively baggy or too tight to be pulled up properly.

  • Do wear shorts and skirts that are an appropriate length.  (A good way to make sure these items of clothing are long enough is to have your child put their hands to their sides.  If their fingertips are touching skin, the item of clothing is too short for school.)

  • Do wear shoes that are sturdy and comfortable.  It is recommended that students avoid high heels, flip flops and slip-on shoes.  (This type of footwear contributes to falls and accidents in the classrooms and on the playground.) 
  • Do  NOT wear muscle shirts, shirts that do not cover the ball of the shoulder or shirts with inappropriate of suggestive logos or pictures. 
  • Do NOT wear headwear including hats, caps and hoodies.
  • Educationally distracting hair color or makeup will not be allowed. Hair or makeup which is so conspicuous, extreme, odd in color or style that it draws undue attention, disrupts, or tends to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere at school will not be allowed.