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Valley View Community Council Meeting

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 @ 4:00

Ann welcomed all of us and conducted the meeting.

We all introduced ourselves.  The following were in attendance: Ann Holdaway, Nancy Fulmer, Tiffany Baty, Lea Belnap, Tricia Chatlin, Tracy Woodward, Sheri Wells.

We discussed that we wouldn’t be able to vote on anything today because we didn’t have the correct ratio to vote.

We talked about our meeting schedule, which will be Wednesday’s @ 4 in the Library.

Oct. 25th, Nov. 15th, Jan 24th, Feb. 21st, Mar. 28th,  and May 11th.  There will be no meeting in December and April.

Tiffany and Ann will attend a Chair meeting at the District board office on Oct. 11 9:30-11

We discussed the Community Council Jobs:

A: Chair: Tiffany Baty accepted the job, but we will need to vote next meeting.

B: Vice Chair:

C: Secretary: Possibly Kaitlin Hunt( will discuss).

D: Members

If you wanted descriptions of each job you could visit the website under Parents and councils.

We were reminded to become familiar with the website and view the videos for the new year. 

We discussed the Sage score 2016-2017.

Nancy Fulmer talked to us about the Dibels report.  She also mentioned that we were able to test the kindergarteners earlier this year.  She is excited to see the growth after we test them again.

We were informed of the bond meeting on Sept. 27, 3:30 @ Valley View with the superintendent.  We would really like to see something done about our Playground, and possibly a gym at our school. 

We reviewed 2017-18 Trustland.  We touched on Moby Max vs. Alex

Lea will bring minutes from this meeting to our next meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40.

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