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Congratulations to the following winners in the Math Science Olympiad:


3rd Grade

Krypto: 3rd Place

Arianna Robles, Maverick Mair and Katelynn Price

Set: 2nd Place

Ashlynn Price and Maddie Wood

Pattern Blocks: 2nd Place

Ethan Bruns and Jayden Andrews

Iron Kid: Hula Hoop

Jessie Funk and Isaac Hayward


4th Grade

Tile Trials: 2nd Place

Drake Hall and Kyla Conley

Set: 2nd Place

Leigha Marigoni and Haileigh Bullock


5th Grade

Krypto: 1st Place

Emma Limburg, Tiyah Adams and Dylan Price

Iron Kid: Hula Hoop

Sophie Scholer


6th Grade

Set: 3rd Place

Garrett Anderson and Eli Anderson

Float a Glider: 3rd Place

Kasey Nancino and Ardid Sun

Egg Drop: 3rd Place

Kaylee Osborne and Zoey Heslop

Iron Kid: Hula Hoop

Carson Bertagnolli and Bailey Bessinger



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