November 2017 Community Council Minutes

Valley View Elementary School

Community Council

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Meeting called to order 3:59pm

Attendance: Principal Ann Holdaway, Nancy Fulmer, Kaitlin Hunt, Sara Storey, Lea Belnap, Tiffany Baty, Tricia Chatlin, Sheri Wells

Presentation from Quin Henderson from the Weber School District Tech Deparment.  He talked about what the district does for web filtering, the Child Internet Protection Act and Common Sense Media.

Reviewed October 2017 meeting minutes.  Tricia approved minutes, Sara 2nd the approval.

Ann scheduled a STEM observation at Green Acres on November 30 at 1:30pm.  We will have the opportunity to observe a robotics demonstration and both lower and upper grade STEM classes.

Made the Trustlands plan available for review for anyone who wanted to review it.

Next meeting January 24 at 4pm.

4:28pm Nancy moved to close the meeting.  Tiffany second the motion.