October 2017 Community Council Minutes

Valley View Elementary School

Community Council

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 

Meeting called to order 4:00pm 

Attendance: Principal Ann Holdaway, Nancy Fulmer, Tracy Woodward, Kaitlin Hunt, Sara Storey, Lea Belnap, Emily Atkinson, Tiffany Baty, Tricia Chatlin, Sheri Wells 

Read and approved September meeting minutes. 

Lea Belnap nominated Tiffany Baty as Chairman.  Tracy Woodward second the nomination.  Unanimous vote yes. 

Tiffany Baty nominated Sara Storey as Vice Chair.  Lea Belnap second the nomination.  Unanimous vote yes. 

Lea Belnap nominated Kaitlin Hunt as Secretary.  Tiffany Baty second the nomination.  Unanimous vote yes.  

Discussed the Trustland Plan and approved the 2017-2018 proposed plan. 

Discussed who would be interested in going to Green Acres to observe the STEM program there.  Those interested in attending are: Sara, Tricia, Tracy, Kaitlin, Tiffany, Lea and Nancy. 

Next Meeting is November 15 at 4pm. 

4:33pm Sheri Wells moved to close the meeting.  Ann second the motion.