6th Grade Supply List
13 pocket accordion folder
4 thin black dry erase Expo markers
2 black Sharpies
1 pair of scissors (no small ones)
5 subject notebook
Pencil pouch (NO pencil boxes)
Colored pencils
4 highlighters (different colors)
2 red pens
******* The following non-instructional items are “appreciated donations”******
Paper towels
Disinfectant wipes
Kleenex tissues
Hand sanitizer
Ziplock bags

5th Grade Suggested Supply List

2 plain, paper cover, spiral notebooks (Wide ruled)

1-2 pink pearl erasers

CRAYOLA -- Colored pencils (12 count) **  (The knock off brand clogs  the pencil sharpener) 

6 Expo (black) fine tip (NOT ultra-fine) markers for personal whiteboards

1 pair of adult scissors (Left handed, if needed for your student)

Glue sticks

Pencil pouch or box

Hand sanitizer

3rd Grade Supply List

Pencil pouch
Pencil top erasers
1 pkg. fine tip EXPO markers
Ear buds
25 clear standard weight sheet protectors
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
Kleenex tissues 

4th Grade 2020 - 2021 Student Supply List:


1   pencil box or pouch

1  12 count pkg colored pencils (No 30 count!  Won’t fit in the desk!)

1   pkg pencil top erasers

1   pkg small, black dry erase markers

1   small pkg glue sticks


2nd Grade Supply List

~fine tip Expo dry erase markers

~glue sticks

~pencil top erasers

~earbuds or head phones


Requested donations to be used in the classroom during the school day.
~paper towels
~gallon size ziploc baggies
~hand sanitizer
~Clorox or Lysol wipes