Valley View Elementary School

Community Council

Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Meeting called to order at 3:00pm

Attendance: Ann Holdaway, Nancy Fulmer, Marnie Davidson, Lea Belnap, Kaitlin Hunt, Tricia Chatlin, Sara Storey

Next Meetings are: October 16 and January 15

There is a Trustlands training available in the Fall if anyone would like to attend.

Nancy gave a report on the DIBELS results that we have so far:

                Kinder looks a little higher this year

                Reports so far look similar to what they were last year

Ann reviewed the 2018-2019 budget

Ann talked about the TSSA (Teacher Student Success Act)

                Goals are reading and to continue to implement STEM

Ann gave a Safety Update:

                We want everyone to be on the portal, especially for safety updates

(393 of 444 students are on)

Next meeting is on October 16 and we will be voting on the new 2019-2020 plan

Kaitlin reviewed the May meeting minutes.

Lea motioned to close the meeting at 3:48pm. Sara 2nd the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 3:48pm

viking big                      Valley View Community Council

                                                         Oct 16, 2019

Maximizing every student’s academic learning and empowering personal responsibility


  • Welcome
  • Review minutes from the September meeting
  • Nancy - Review 2018-2019 Dibel EOY scores
    • Review progress 2019-2020 Dibels scores
  • Next meeting Jan 15, 2020



viking big                      Valley View Community Council Meeting Agenda

                                      Sept 18, 2019

           Maximizing every student’s academic learning and empowering personal responsibility.




  • Welcome
  • Meeting schedule: Wednesday’s @ 3pm in the conference room

Sep 18, Oct 16, Jan 15, Mar 18, May 13

  • Community Council Jobs
  1. a. Chair - Lea Belnap
  2. b. Vice-chair - Sarah Storey
  3. c. Secretary - Kaitlin Hunt
  4. d. Members- Tricia Chatlin

                             Nancy Fulmer

                            Ann Holdaway           

(Job descriptions located on website under Parents and Councils)

  • Become familiar with the website and view video


  • School Community Council and Chapter Trust Land Council 2019 Fall Training
  • Dibels report – Nancy Fulmer
  • 2018-19 Trustland review/budget - thoughts on new plan
  • TSSA
  • Safety Update
    • 393 out of 444 students on the portal
    • Safety wall/keyless door entry- Expected eta before Christmas 2019